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Welcome to Kotinos Athletics

After years of working behind the scenes I have decided to launch this site. I'm interested in people with goals, resolutions, and dreams. Growth gets us from how we are to how we want to be. I've realized that closer to my goals means guiding those in pursuit of their own. If you are interested in growing, I'm interested in helping.

What We Do

A purposeful training program stems from an understanding of how to develop the various bodily systems in an appropriately timed and balanced manner. Get a coach. The role of an experienced coach is to furnish the athlete with appropriate trials, to put him on a path, ladden with apt challenges, that leads to the goal. The guidance of an outside observer frees the athlete to fully attend to the training at hand.

We specialize in running, cycling, strength training, and nutrition. We offer private athletic training, life coach programs, and consultations. Advanced physiological assessments are available.

Cycling Boutique

Our cycling boutique opened last year. We are generously hosted and housed at the 121 Fitness Center in Cleveland Ohio. The boutique is the first of its kind, making use of air-braked trainer. Here for more information.

Training Programs

We currently have three slots available for personalized coaching. Please enquire by email. We are conducting early-season physiological assessments at this time. Find what is limiting your progression now, so you can properly focus your training hours.